I thought more than once about starting this blog. I wavered back and forth for some time. I knew I wanted to write about ghosts. I began a collection of ghost tales from Northwest Georgia a while back. My Facebook page, Ghosts of Northwest Georgia , has developed a small following. I love the emails, stories, and comments I get there. (I hope to publish my collection of Northwest Georgia tales very soon.) My page has brought me a great deal more enjoyment that I ever expected. I love hearing from people who, like me, love true ghost stories.

I guess, then, this blog is one more step in a natural progression.  I’ve always loved ghost stories and tales of the unexplained.  In elementary school, I devoured every book of ghost stories I could find- in my school library, my local library, monthly class book orders… I couldn’t get enough! Why this interest in the supernatural? Who knows? It’s just a part of who I am. I’ve never lost my interest and, combined with my love of writing, this is where I am today.

I hope to spark discussions, learn new stories, and explore old and little-known tales of the American South. I’d love to hear from others who are like-minded. I’d love to hear any tales you’d like to share.

Add your comments, email me with your tales…..

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