I love the following article.  The location is actually very close to my home. I never knew this cemetery existed.


It makes me wonder- how many African-American cemeteries lie neglected and forgotten? I know of two near my home (besides the one listed in this article). Honestly, one is so remote, I have tried to find it again twice and could not.

I shared the article with a friend who is pretty well versed on local history. He had never heard of this cemetery either. I’d love to see it. It definitely needs to be preserved.

I found out a few years ago that the cemetery for my local community here on the ┬ámountain was not the original. The original lies in ruins and weeds across the road in the woods. Nothing has ever been done to preserve it. Considering it lies on private property, I have my doubts that it ever will. Think of the generations of people, long forgotten… their memory erased forever.

I love old cemeteries. I love to explore them , read the stones… learn the stories of those long gone. Here are a few photos of cemeteries I love to visit.

Gate at New Bethel Presbyterian


Price Bridge Cemetery, Chatoogaville, Georgia

I think the Price Bridge Cemetery is one of my all-time favorites. It has suffered a lot of damage through the years, but is none the less beautiful.



Little Sand Mountain cemetery
Headstone from the original (abandoned) cemetery on Little Sand Mountain


The original cemetery on Little Sand Mountain lies abandoned and forgotten in the woods across the road from the church. I truly wish it could be preserved.

Another headstone from the abandoned cemetery on Little Sand Mountain
My Great great grandparents’ headstones, Little Sand Mountain
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