I love reading various web pages and group pages concerning the paranormal. It is so interesting to read personal experiences from around the world. I am amazed at how  people from opposite sides of the world can have common expereinces with the paranormal.

One of the subjects that I have been reading on lately is the phenomena of Black-Eyed Kids, or BEKs.

For instance, this article I found through a Google search:

16 Terrifying Encounters with Black Eyed Kids

In a nutshell, BEKs appear to be children between the ages of 3/4 (0r 8- depending on what you read) and 17. They are extrememly pale, with coal-black, empty eyes.Their clothes are usually drab-old jeans, hoodies, or ragged/ worn shirts and pants. They often ask to use your phone, use your bathroom, ask for a ride,  or for a drink of water. The warning is to never let them in. My question is– what if you do?

I found an article by someone who (supposedly) let a BEK into her home. Of course, when you click on the article and begin reading, the article itself becomes greyed over and you are asked for an email. After 3 attempts to close the evil email box, I just moved on…

SO… then I see this video on youtube:

drone catches video of BEK girl?

Some people believe them to be of demonic origin. Others feel they are alien.  There is also the theory that they are a species of their own right. Who knows? I’ve yet to find anything describing an encounter with BEK’s before modern times. Are they a new phenomenon? And why would they choose to reveal themselves in modern times rather than in the past?

I’ve read accounts from respectable citizens, news reporters, self- procalimed athiests…. and yet all seem to experience the same phenomena…

Have you ever seen a BEK? What is your theory on the matter? I’d love to hear your input. I will post more on the matter as I learn more about the subject.


All comments and opinions are welcome…just respect the comments and opinions of others…

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