When I started writing Haunted Northwest Georgia, it came from a long-time desire to compile some of the personal ghost stories I’d been hearing over the years. Once I got started, and word got aroud, the stories snowballed. I was getting emails, messages on my Ghosts of Northwest Georgia Facebook page…you name it. I then added Shadows in the Pines to Facebook to cover stories from around the south, as the other page had a niche right here in Northwest Georgia. The stories came in, I met some fascinating people, and once the book was in the works and headed for the presses, I decided to write another one.

And BOOM, the lights went out.


It seems ghosts have gone invisible these days. I found myself yesterday talking to an old friend who had a paranormal experience with some furbies. You remember- those fuzzy little psycho toys from the 1990’s? It seems there have been quite a few people who wound up wishing they’d never met the little furry demons in disguise.This might prove to be an interesting chapter. But ghosts?? Nada…..

I wonder why people are more reluctant to share haunted experiences these days than they were in the past? Surely I haven’t covered them all? Surely someone’s Great- Aunt Sally lives in a house long haunted by some ghost from the distant past. I am following up on a friend’s story of dealing with a ghost that haunts two retail establishments she has worked for in Rome, Georgia. Both (next door to one another) are haunted by the host of a tall, Native American man who makes his presence known by throwing objects, setting off alarms, etc.

If you have a story from the southern states, I’d love to hear it. Drop me a line

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