Ghosts of Mentone and Fort Payne, Alabama

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. I talked my husband into taking a ride up tp Mentone and Little River Canyon -sites of some haunted places I’ve been researching lately. I have always loved Mentone- it is in its own little world up there on the Mountain- with quaint little restarants and shops. First, we visted […]

Ghosts of DeSoto Falls and Canyonland Park

I’ve been researching a couple of places in Alabama. The first is the ghost of Desoto Falls in Mentone, Alabama. I love Mentone! What’s not  to love? Quaint restaurants. beautiful scenery… I was quite surprised to learn that the DeSoto Falls area is haunted by an old woman and her dog. Supposedly, when the woman […]

The Curse of Lorenzo Dow

The curse of an angry minister lead to the demsise of an entire town- and became one of Georgia’s most famous stories. Jacksonborough (later renamed Jacksonboro), Georiga replaced the town of Rocky Ford as the seat of Screven County in 1797 when Solomon and Mary Gross donated 50 acres of their property for the cause. […]

Old and (almost) Forgotten Cemeteries

I love the following article.  The location is actually very close to my home. I never knew this cemetery existed. It makes me wonder- how many African-American cemeteries lie neglected and forgotten? I know of two near my home (besides the one listed in this article). Honestly, one is so remote, I have tried […]

I’m Still Here…

Ok, SO I know what you’re thinking…she starts a new blog and already she’s negelcting it… But that’s not how it is… I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time this weekend researching the haunting at the Old Floyd County Prison. Seems everyone knows about Big Red- supposedly he was so terrible his fellow inmates murdered […]

The Ghost of Attaway Plantation- Researching the Past

A couple years ago I found an article in the Waynesboro Citzen (Burke, County Georgia) from the 1800’s. The article claims that Colonel S. H. Attaway was having problems with a ghost on his plantation. According to the article, a house on the plantation was haunted by a rather noisy ghost. (I am curious as […]


Estelle is a ghost town located west of Lafayette, Georgia on Pigeon Mountain.  A gold mining town, Estelle served the Alabama and Georgia Railroad.  Originally known as Shaw, Ga, the Estelle Mines were named for Estelle Shaw, daughter of Jesse Mercer and Mary Camp Shaw, owners of the mining operation. When the gold died out […]

On Ghost Stories, Greed, and…well, Sometimes a Load of Crap

When I first began collecting ghost stories, I began spending a lot of time with historians and story tellers. I also spent a great deal of time in the Heritage Room at Sarah Hightower Regional Library in Rome. Ga. I made some great friends, I heard some great stories, and I came upon some ugly […]

Resaca Confederate Cemetery

I first heard of this cemetery from a non-ghost-believing friend. However, my first visit was with a couple friends from Southern States Paranormal. We spent an afternoon walking and talking in this quiet, beautiful place. This was the first Confederate Cemetery in the US- actually, it was created at the same time as a cemetery in […]

The Ghost of Cloudland Canyon- True or Hoax?

In researching tales of the southern states, I came across a tale that takes place in Cloudland Canyon State Park- a hidden gem in Rising Fawn, GA. According to legend, the park is haunted at night by the ghost of a Native American on Horseback. Campers often see him as he quietly passes through the […]