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Encounter with a Ghost Hearse

I get a lot of comments on my Facebook Pages Shadows in the Pines and Ghosts of Northwest Georgia from people who naturally assume I am an experienced paranormal investigator. I mean, I run two paranormal facebook pages, right? Actually, even though I have been a member of Southern States Paranormal for a while ( as historian), I just went on my first investigation a couple weeks ago.

Growing up, my parents had told me of an encounter they had with a mysterious ghost horse on a dirt road near an old cemetery in Chattooga County. Later, when writing Ghosts of Northwest Georgia, I heard of this horse again- but with more detail. According to lady telling the story, the cemetery was haunted by the ghost of a horse pulling a horse- drawn hearse. Each night, according to the legend, the horse would pull the hearse into the cemetery. (More on that story in my upcoming book.)

I shared this story with my friends Matt and Adam, fellow members of  Southern States Paranormal, who were also intrigued. One Saturday evening, Matt, Adam, Matt’s girlfriend, Christy, and one of my former co-workers and I set out to investigate.

Matt and Adam had brought along an EMF meter and what I think  was a K2 meter. I had a camera and a digital recorder. We also brought flashlights, bottled water, and copious amounts of bug spray (after all, this is Goergia in the summertime). Another thing we tried out was an app called Ghost Radar, which I had downloaded onto my cell phone. (While I can’t say I am completely sold in the app itself, I would later be AMAZED at the EVPs I gained as spirits reacted to the app.)

Adam explained the ropes to us newbies. I had never thought about the fact that, when recording, I needed to state any noises that might be later miscontrued as paranormal activity (example: car passing, dog barking, person coughing).

For the next few hours we explored the area in small goups and as a whole group. I can honestly say that I was never frieghtened or even uncomfortable during this time. Much of the time spent on an investigation is “down time”. You spend a great deal of time watching and waiting. I can’t say I was bored, though. I found the whole thing interesting.


After about 2 1/2 hours, we had detected some spirit activity, including a rod and several orbs caught on photo. The Ghost Radar app detected a spirit that gave names and talked about military involvement and a war. We actually found these names on a tombstone in the cemtery along with mention of military involvement!


We took a few breaks and went over the recorder to check for EVPS, but found none at that time. One thing we all did experience was periodically hearing a strange popping noice. We never found a reason for this.

We were able to debunk some shadows and noises as having natural causes. The guys pointed out that, even though it is exciting to find actual paranormal activity, it is extremely important to make every effort to disprove all activity. (This makes the activity you can’t disprove more credible.)

DSCN5296 DSCN5297

Above: before and after taken just seconds apart. Note the bright light on the right. No known source.

As the session ended, we sat on a grassy embankment near the dirt road and quietly watched and listened. It was during this time that the sound of summer insects slightly faded and we became aware of a crunching sound on the gravel of the old road. We turned toward the noise, but saw nothing. The road was well illuminated, both by moonlight and the security lights from the cemetery. Although nothing could be seen, the sound got louder as it came closer. We could actually hear the clop of what sounded like hoofbeats on the gravel and the sound of what appeared to be old wooden wheels slowly turning on the gravel. We stood and stared. Although nothing was there, we plainly heard this sound.  The phenomenal thing (well, one of the phenomenal things) was that this went on for a few minutes. It wasn’t something that happend for just a second or two. Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera were drained (typical occurrence) and the camera on my cell got nothing.

As the sound ended, we approached the road as a unit- eager to investigate what we had heard. That’s when it happened- about four feet from where we stood- you know that blowing sound a horse makes? Not exactly a whinny- my horse used to do it all the time and I never really knew the word for it. It’s kind of an exhale, I guess. And it was right there!

We were amazed, both newbie and experienced guys as well. We couldn’t disprove it. It was there! We had actually heard the ghost hearse!!!

Shortly after this, the atmosphere in the area changed. It was a foreboding feeling. The guys actually saw a grey figure walking along the road where the hearse had traveled. A couple of us experienced pains in our stomach. It was very weird. Although I had not been frieghtened all night, I distinctly became aware that something wanted us to leave. Not long after this, we wrapped things up for the evening.

And stranger things were yet to come….

DSCN5292 DSCN5293

Above: Before and after taken seconds apart. No known source for orange light.

I didn’t check my digital recorder for EVPs that evening. I was the only one home at the time, and the thought of hearing a strange voice was a little more than I wanted to deal with. The next day, however, I got our my little recorder and was stunned. I had actually recorded spirit voices! Some were untelligible to me, but some were quite clear. At one point, the Ghpst Radar app had said the word “cream”. (No idea why.) Adam asked, “What is cream?”  I could plainly hear a man’s voice saying (as if “I can’t believe you don’t know this”), “Milk! …Milk!”  Later I was examining my recorder to see wheter it was still on. A man’s voice whispered, “It’s on hold.”  The EVPs were unbelievable. I caught several- and I was truly amazed. I was there. I know the voices I recorded did not belong to anyone in the group.


This was truly one of the most amazing, awe-inspiring moments of my life.  This is why I love the paranormal! Those moments when something so amazing happens that you can’t disprove.  The moments that remind us that, as William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


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I’m Still Here…

Ok, SO I know what you’re thinking…she starts a new blog and already she’s negelcting it…
But that’s not how it is…

I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time this weekend researching the haunting at the Old Floyd County Prison. Seems everyone knows about Big Red- supposedly he was so terrible his fellow inmates murdered him. However…no records that I can find tell WHAT he did that was so terrible, when and HOW he was murdered….  so that doesn’t exactly make for a good story, now does it? (And I would WELCOME any comments from anyone who knows more of this story…)

Another thing keeping me busy/ crazy is that I now have my own webpage, independednt of blogger, but setting it up is taxing my hamsters, you know? Learning a whole new language/ layout… hope to have it running soon. I will post a link here and I actually plan to transfer this page over to the new one. Don’t ask me how… I mean I read how last night but… Mandarin Chinese makes more sense at this point.

I have also been researching the Cowee Tunel haunting for my next book-stay tuned….

I would like to say THANKS to eveyrone faithfully visiting this page. I promise it will get better as I move it over to its new home.


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Resaca Confederate Cemetery

I first heard of this cemetery from a non-ghost-believing friend. However, my first visit was with a couple friends from Southern States Paranormal. We spent an afternoon walking and talking in this quiet, beautiful place.
This was the first Confederate Cemetery in the US- actually, it was created at the same time as a cemetery in Virginia, so both carry that distinction. Created by the daughter of a southern planter, the cemetery is dedicated to the memory of those who died in the Battle of Resaca.
Although peaceful during the day, the cemetery takes on another persona as night falls.  Spirits roam here. An invisible guard walks back and forth before the cemetery gate. Other soldiers march back and forth on the hill surrounding the cemetery. A little girl is said to haunt the grounds as well.  Ghost hunters have recorded EVPs as well as taken photos of orbs, vortexes, and even a soldier or two.
The problem with visiting the cemetery (at any time) is the crime rate here. There have been several incidents (non-paranormal) that have taken place here. This is a remote area. making it ideal for drug dealers and others with less than honorable intentions.
I visited the area with a couple of good friends during the summer of 2013.  Long story, but we ended up having to call the police- after getting cornered in the cemetery by some ill-intentioned creeps.
While a beautiful place to visit, and full of history, this is not a place to venture into alone. As  I mentioned, the crime rate here is considerable, and the creepier element thrives in this remote area. Be forewarned.
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