For the Love of a Ghost Tale

It’s been quite a while since I posted on this blog. It isn’t that I have nothing to say. (I ALWAYS have something to say!) I signed a contract with a publisher (dream come true)! Now I’m working like crazy to get my book lined up and into the correct format.

I have LOVED collecting ghost stories from Northwest Georgia. To me, the best are personal accounts- not just hearsay. I’ve met some of the kindest people on earth and I have loved every minute of the time I have shared with them.

I have always loved a good ghost story. Even as a child, I devoured every ghost story book I could find on the shelves of my local library. I remember discovering Kathryn Tucker Windham’s “13 Ghosts…” series when I was around 12 or 13 years old. I loved them! Later I moved on to Nancy Roberts. When I worked as a Media Specialist in an elementary school I realized that most kids DO love a good ghost story. Most adults do, as well… Of course, I get a lot of “Aw, I don’t believe that mess!” Well, I don’t believe Spongebob is real, nor does my child…but he is on our TV as I write this. Evidently we are enjoying him anyway….

Collecting ghost stories isn’t easy. Some people are reluctant to share their stories. They are afraid of being ridiculed. I don’t use a person’t real name, nor do I share an address. Sometimes a person has a story but it isn’t enough to fill a chapter. Example- “My grandma’s house is haunted. I saw a man at the foot of the bed!” Not that those aren’t great stories…but it isn’t exactly going to fill up a chapter…

I almost drove myself crazy trying to get enough stories on Little River Canyon..but as far as I can tell, there just aren’t any. Other than a Little Foot sighting here and there and a few chanting voices…nada. I found one fantastic story, then I read an article where a guy admitted he made it up. That may be OK for him, but there is a difference between fiction and creative non-fiction. Passing one off as the other is as bad as passing Pepsi off as Coke. It just “ain’t right”. That’s just my humble opinion.

I get excited every time I open up my email and find someone with a story to tell. I read every email, message, and comment that I receive from this site and both my facebook sites (Shadows in the Pines and Ghosts of Northwest Georgia). You never know when that next fantastic story will come along!

Here’s hoping you have a great day! If you run into a ghost… be sure and let me know!




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